List a cryptocurrency on Ctreet

Are you in the process of launching your own cryptocurrency? First of all – congratulations! Estimates suggest that there are as many as 13,000+ cryptocurrencies on the market today, and that number is sure to rise as more and more people become crypto-curious. Now is as good a time as any to get involved in the crypto space, and Ctreet is making it easier than ever to get a foot in the door. Here’s how…
We plan to become the first crypto exchange in the world to have every coin and token listed on our platform, and we’ve already gotten started. Of course, that means bitcoin, ethereum, tether, binance coin, cardano dogecoin, XRP and all the other big names, but also the new and exciting coins, tokens and start-ups coming from you – our members. Will yours be next?

How do I list my coin on Ctreet?

We’re glad you asked! Ctreet will publish a form later this year outlining how to list your coin or token on our platform for $0 fees (free). To be the first ones to hear drop us an email at iamawesome@ (Delete space)