How does Ctreet investment work?

When it comes to trade and investment, cryptocurrency can be a goldmine. Whether you’re looking to buy cryptocurrency or sell cryptocurrency, our platform makes it easier than ever before for traders to make a profit. Not only that, but you can also buy shares in our company at any time, and the only way to pay is with Nint Coin. Ready to take your investment portfolio to the next level?

How do I do that?

Each share worth 100 Nint Coin at all time ( Regardless of Nint USD market value).
We are offering 2.5 Million shares for investors like you.
Profit will be distributed every 3 Months after Ctreet launches, and it will be sent out to Nint Wallet you used to invest with.
We are locking 2.5 Million shares for Nint Stabilization.
Lastly on Ctreet's website there will be place for selling shares for investors who would like to sell, or buy the shares.
You can invest regardless of your nationality or place of living.

I am ready to invest..

1. You can buy your Nint coins directly from Here
2. Send your shares value in Nint to this wallet: NQ6ccZy2dhPkmNMJsTsrjponvBw3fVASY8
1 share worth 100 Nint coins (10 shares of Ctreet worth 1000 Nint coins)
3. Don't lose your investment wallet access.
4. We will send profit to the wallet registered during investment.
5. That's it, Ctreet will be launched by Jan 5, 2022.